The Absurdly Great Partner Program

Become a Dome Software Partner

Earn initial and residual commission when you connect us with new clients.

We understand there are a lot of things competing for your attention, and sometimes Dome Software doesn't come to mind when a client, coworker or executive is:

  • Lamenting the pain in their software environment
  • Struggling to choose the best SaaS product
  • Wrestling with their SaaS vendor
  • Excited to create a new app or tool

That's why we've created this, our Absurdly Great Partner Program. As a partner, you're entitled to:

$50 for any client you send us who schedules a consult
10% commission on your client's first contract
5% residual commission on ongoing revenue from that client
And the client you recommend gets 10% off their first contract!

Here's how that might play out:

A customer wants their website to talk to their custom CRM system, and you refer that customer to us. They join us for an initial consult, and after that consult we agree to build a custom integration that costs $10,000 in initial development and $1,000 in maintenance per year.

To you, for initial consult$50
To you, for initial contract$1,000
To you, residual$50/year
Customer saves$1,000

Or a customer comes to you needing a fractional software developer - that is, an engineer on retainer. There's no initial consult, but the resulting contract has a value of $100,000 per year.

To you, residual$5,000/year
Customer saves$10,000

Or perhaps a client needs development of a larger custom application, say a fintech system. That system costs $200,000 to develop and $20,000 in yearly maintenance.

To you, for initial consult$50
To you, for initial contract$20,000
To you, residual$1,000/year
Customer saves$20,000

You don't need to sign up or get an affiliate link, just warmly introduce us to folks who need our services, and your job is done! We'll communicate with you about the status of each referral and how much you've earned and send payment each month.