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Ecosystem Visualization

We’re the CTO’s best friend. We’ll survey your computers and your humans and use that data to create an interactive, maintainable, actionable map of your organization’s software ecosystem. Optimize for price and productivity and grow your technological advantage.

Legacy Rescues

Sometimes a piece of business-critical software loses its mojo. Maybe its developer left or maybe it’s just way behind on updates, but for some reason it’s no longer working and growing like healthy software should. We take over development for unloved legacy tools, or in the worst case, provide roadmaps for replacement.


Why do your employees spend half their time copying data from one program to another? Why does your sales staff work so hard qualifying leads? We’ll help you gain efficiency, permanently. Let the computer handle the boring stuff, and free the humans to get more done.

Custom Software

If you’re a startup or have extremely specific business requirements, you probably aren’t going to be able to buy shrink-wrapped software that does what you need. We build everything from operational apps and dashboards to full-scale, consumer-facing web and mobile apps. You design it, you own it.

Development Nitro

Gosh, full-time developers are expensive. Instead of risking that next hire, give us a call; our developers can supplement your team at whatever level you need. They’re 100% onshore, so timing and communication are a breeze, and because Dome is headquartered in West Texas, you don’t have to pay big-city prices.

AI and Machine Learning

Want to jump on the AI bandwagon? Let’s ride! We advise clients on how best to incorporate the new fleet of ML tools into their operations, implement solutions based on tools like OpenAI’s ChatGPT and DALL-E 2, and even build and train custom AI models.


Dome Software has been amazing to work with and has performed miracles building and making changes to the Retail Finance program from day one. We have worked together for 10 years and I get excellent service. I can’t say enough great things about Dome Software.
Michael K. Wolverton
EVP Consumer Lending, First Financial Bank, N.A.
We had to figure out how to take this janky program, which did the trick but was very painful and very time intensive, and streamline it to make it more user-friendly for the front and back-end. They were clean, concise, and efficient and were able to bring a half-hatched idea in someone’s brain into fruition.
Kate Alvarez
Marketing and Development Manager, Abilene Regional Airport
They are able to quickly scale their development to hit our timelines. Rockford has some fast-moving targets and Dome Software has been able to hit those targets.
Eric Russell
Senior Digital Strategist, Rockford-Fosgate
Matt was great at soothing concerns and making sure that we were invested in learning the software. When you’re working with a system that’s brand new it’s great to have someone that is kind and easy to work with.
Vicki Britten
Director, Advancement Services, Abilene Christian University
Our agency has been pleased to work with the good folks at Dome Software on multiple projects spanning several years. You can trust that each encounter with Dome will be professional, well-organized, and thorough. We highly recommend them for your specialized software development needs.
Kit Mullins
Owner/Editor, Jemully Media

Case Studies


A large regional bank was struggling with the difficulties of managing information flow between the home campus and local banks spread around Texas. We began by updating and integrating a custom loan documentation web application (C#, .NET Framework, MSSQL), and have since built out their custom, long-running Retail Finance application as well as other internal tools (C#, .NET Core, MSSQL).


An industry leader in auto speakers and amplifiers brought us in to rescue their flagship site. Rather than rebuilding it from scratch, we were able to act as their development partner (Nginx, Python, Django, JavaScript, Oracle), taking over fixes and feature development, while incrementally moving their entire system to a more robust, less expensive microservices architecture.


A Hawaii-based marketing company needed to provide better data to their clients, so we built a small integration server linking their call-monitoring software and Google Ads with their CRM dashboards. This allowed customers to clearly see how their daily ad spend was being converted into leads and diagnose weak spots in their sales process.


A private school experimenting with hybrid homeschooling needed a system that combined both ecommerce features (for tuition) and a Learning Management System (LMS) for course management. We built an easy-to-use, inexpensive system that made things easy for parents, students and teachers (WordPress, WooCommerce).